About Attachment



Attachment forms the foundation for a child’s physical cognitive and psychological development. A bond that forms between a child and his or her parents or primary caregiver, healthy attachment occurs when the caregiver provides not only the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing, but also the emotional essentials with touch, smiles and eye contact. Our work facilitates that bond as we maintain an awareness of the unique and cultural needs of each family. At Heartwork Counseling Center we aim to provide a corrective attachment process for each individual.

What Is Attachment Disorder?

Attachment disorder is a treatable condition in which individuals have difficulty trusting anyone or creating loving, lasting intimate relationships due to serious disruptions in forming that bond during early childhood.

Children with attachment disturbance often appear charming and self-sufficient. These children have difficulty giving and receiving affection on their parents’ terms. They can be overly demanding, clingy, and annoying with endless chatter. They may show indiscriminate affection to strangers. Lessons of cause and effect come slowly for children with poor attachment. They may have abnormal eating patterns, and poor conscience development. Their parents and teachers may catch them in chronic & crazy lying, cheating or stealing. They may be destructive to themselves or others, cruel to animals, or preoccupied with fire, blood and gore. Often, they don’t get along well with their peers. Parents, confronted with their children’s unacceptable behavior, react emotionally, creating an intense, but unsatisfying connection between adult and child.

What We Believe About Treatment:

Traditional parenting or therapy often has little impact on children with attachment problems since these rely on the child’s ability to form relationships and to internalize the parents’ values. Therapy and parenting that utilize the elements of basic attachment have been found to be more helpful. A more directive approach using nurturing touch, eye contact, and physical and emotional closeness can provide a corrective emotional experience and create a foundation for a healthier attachment between child and parent.

We believe in the power of relationships and the capacity for all human beings to learn, grow and heal.