Casey Schrader, LMSW

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.”-        Rumi

I value the individuality and unique circumstances which contribute to each person’s development, personality, interpersonal relationships, and resiliency. In the therapeutic relationship, I utilize a blend of the feminist and humanistic perspective, which allows me to focus on meeting the goals and emotional needs of the client and to utilize the relationship between us to foster growth and change. I am trained in the Psychodynamic perspective, Feminist Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Person-Centered therapy. That being said, I identify as an eclectic practitioner - This means that I use a blend of several therapeutic interventions to meet your unique needs. My clinical orientation strives to account for all cultural considerations including race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, family background, gender identity, sexual identity, socio-economic status, and all intersectionality relevant to a person’s identity within their cultural and familial system. During our work together, I may ask you to complete assignments outside of our sessions or recommend you to attend peer-lead support groups in your community as a means of supporting the work we do together during session.

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, which means that I am licensed by the state to practice mental health services under the supervision of a fully licensed clinician. I received my Master’s degree in Social Work from Kennesaw State University with a specialization in Behavioral Health Services. I received Bachelor’s degrees at the University of Georgia.

I have experience working with people affected by depression, suicidality, anxiety, trauma and abuse, grief and loss, psychosis, chemical dependency, process addictions, personality disorders, sexual identity stressors and gender identity concerns.  My experience includes providing couples, individual, groups, and family therapy. My goal is to develop a lateral relationship base on trust, vulnerability, and nonjudgementalness. I adhere to all ethic guidelines as defined by the 2018 National Association of Social Workers (NASW) guidelines.