Coby Bryant

Coby Bryan, LMSW

Being human means facing challenges that arise in our relationships at home, in our community, in our workplace, and within ourselves. In these moments, we may wonder what is standing in the way of greater fulfillment in our lives. When we understand this, how do we create space for change? I believe that the experiences of loss, conflict, confusion, fear, and feelings of inadequacy are unavoidable, but not without value.

My work with clients is anchored in a humanistic approach to therapy, and I incorporate other perspectives as they become useful in our time together. In my role, I am consistently reminded of the inherent goodness present in each of us, and the importance of interpretation in relating our experience to others. Through uncovering strengths unseen, I support my clients in removing barriers to greater creativity and finding joy in relationships.  

I earned my undergraduate degree at Clemson University and later completed a graduate program in social work at Kennesaw State University. Since that time, I have become interested in including attachment theory in my work and find mindfulness practices useful as well. In previous positions, I have used cognitive behavioral and motivational models in my work with adults recovering from substance addiction and psychosis. I’ve also had the pleasure to work with children part-time and welcome new clients in this age group.