About Illness and Caregiving



Personal illness and illness of a family member can post some unexpected challenges. Illness of family member can affect the whole family. The Emotional and psychological responses of each individual in the family may be different.

If you are newly diagnosed with a chronic illness you may have a difficult time accepting this news or you may also have questions about your illness and want some education and resources for coping better. If you have been living with an illness you may find that adapting to a new “normal” way of life can be difficult.  Issues of identity, self worth, or purpose in life may be challenged.  The impact of the illness may cause a shift in your role in the family and a shift in the roles of your family members. How are you coping with this?

Role changes in the family, economic shift due to increased cost for treatments, and community support may look different when a loved one has an illness.  Sometimes instead of seeking help or counsel we tend to withdraw, isolate or pretend that nothing is wrong.  If you are experiencing distress due to having a physical or mental illness or if counseling can be a helpful support as you move forward in your life.  If someone in your family or someone close to you has a chronic illness check in with yourself and see if talking to someone may be of benefit to you. If you are a caregiver you may struggle with how to care for yourself along with caring for someone else. Have you given up activities that you used to enjoy to be available to your loved one?  Have you put your needs on the back burner?  You may feel a sense of guilt for being healthy or a feeling of helplessness for not being to help the one you are taking care of.  If any of these resonate with you it may be time to seek support.  Call the Heartwork Counseling Center at 404-658-1222 and one of our therapists will be available to you and/or family.