Jen Sarafin, LCSW

During our lives each of us experiences challenges and obstacles, confusion and heartbreak, grief and loss. Those challenges and experiences might be situational in nature or they might be a result of long-standing family or personal styles. I believe that therapy can be a place to receive support during challenges, to learn to cope with our challenges in new and more effective ways, and to understand who we are as people so as to live intentionally. I firmly believe that you are the expert in your own life and that my job as a therapist is to help you to look at old problems in new ways. Each of us has the potential to live a satisfying and meaningful life, and therapy can be a critical piece of creating that life.

My work is based on psychodynamic and attachment theories, specifically that our current struggles are frequently reflections of our early experiences. I also often use mindfulness and cognitive behavioral approaches when appropriate. Regardless of theory or technique, I work to create a warm, safe, comfortable space where clients feel able to think and talk about vulnerable topics. I believe that our relationship is the foundation of that space and the most basic, important aspect of the therapy.

I have experience working with life transitions, anxiety, depression, aging, and caregiver issues. My particular areas of interest include gender and sexual identity, relationship issues, family issues, problems with attachment, and eating problems. I work with individuals (children through adults), couples, and groups.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in women’s studies and English from St. Olaf College and my Master’s degree in social work focusing on mental health from the University of Michigan. For the past several years I have worked with caregivers of older adults to support their work as caregivers and promote independence for the seniors.
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