Linda Weiskoff, LCSW

Director of Heartwork Counseling Center

As the director of the Heartwork Counseling Center, my work allows me to combine my two professional loves, psychotherapy and education. Since opening Heartwork in 2003 I have had good fortune to see my clients for psychotherapy and to expand my practice to include providing supervision and consultation, and presenting workshops and trainings.

Who I am as a psychotherapist

I am a clinical social worker, and I have been a psychotherapist since 1982. Through the years, I’ve worked with many different people, adults as well as children and families. My clientele has been a mix of people from varying cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and social classes. They have taught me about many ways to show and share our humanness.

In my work, I draw from a large range of theories and approaches. Object Relations,and Attachment Theory have been a large part of my grounding. Much of my work is experiential and holistic, employing Gestalt and other Humanistic therapies. I use metaphor, guided imagery and trance in my work. I also include EMDR, Brain Spotting, EFT&TFT, narrative therapy, Theraplay and other play therapies. When appropriate I use cognitive/behavioral approaches.

My clients have a wide range of concerns. I have worked with people who have experienced childhood or adult trauma as well as those having difficulty adjusting to their life situations. I see people who have personality disorders, as well as those who deal with stress and phobias, anxiety and depression. I work with people coping with life changes, dealing with grief and loss, and with people who have problems with compulsive eating. I’ve worked with couples and with families with communication difficulties, situational problems and adoption issues, as well as families with children who have attachment issues. I work with business executives who are blocked in moving forward and with people who have lost their jobs and need to feel stable before looking for another one.

There are several cherished values that I bring to my work:

  • Sitting with another human being, with an open heart and the strength to be witness to his or her story, is the foundation of healing.
  • I am excited to be a member of this multi-cultural patchwork of people called humanity. I believe it is important to embrace our differences and uniqueness as well as our similarities.
  • I believe that each of us has our own unique and valuable way to take in and share information.

Supervision, Consultation, Workshops

I provide individual and group supervision in Heartwork Counseling Center’s residency program and to other therapists. In addition, I have developed and presented workshops to therapists and in professional conferences as well as delivered workshops and presentations to business groups and to the general community.

History of the Heartwork Counseling Center

In 2001, along with Kristine Medea, I was chosen by the state of Georgia to participate in a yearlong intensive training program on Attachment Theory and working with people who have Reactive Attachment Disorder. Upon completion of this program, Kristine and I opened the doors to the Heartwork Counseling Center, creating a place where our clients could receive counseling and psychotherapy in a relaxed and nurturing environment. This welcoming atmosphere continues to this day.