About Marriage and Couples Counseling



We come into our relationships with our own personal knowledge of the world and with our own assumptions of how things should be. It can be hard to imagine that the one we love might have different expectations than our own, but they do. And, although they share many of your ideas of how to make a good relationship and a good life, some of their thinking is different than yours. When you become aware of these differences it may be disappointing, frustrating and even scary. It’s at this time that many people look for counseling to strengthen or save their relationships.

Sometimes couples come to therapy for pre-marital counseling so that they can start their lives together going in a good direction. Many couples seek psychotherapy to improve communication skills with their partners. Couples may come to therapy when there are events in their lives that add stress to their relationship. If one of the partners has had an affair, counseling can help a couple get past this crisis and work to strengthen the relationship. Also, if a couple has made the decision that their relationship is over, they may come to counseling to work on divorcing in a way that will lessen the painand also help with co-parenting after the break-up if they have children.

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