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 Michelle Goodloe, LMSW

Relationships can be hard, especially taking care of the relationship you have with yourself. Sometimes challenges such as anxiety, depression, stress and past trauma are barriers to having a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

I help adults heal from difficulties related to conflicts in their relationships, stress management, and interpersonal trauma. My work as a counselor is centered on identifying your strengths, validating your experiences, building your mindfulness, and collaboratively working with you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

As your counselor, I can help you discover patterns in your relationships, overcome difficult experiences, distinguish the differences between healthy and unhealthy boundaries, and explore the dynamics that are interfering with your health and well-being.

In our work together, we can take a deeper look into what you need to feel more satisfied, emotionally safer and happier in your relationships with others and with your relationship with yourself.

My practice focuses on healing from:

·       Childhood Abuse

·       Intimate Partner Violence

·       Sexual Assault

·       Family Conflict

·       Interpersonal Trauma

·       Life Transitions

·       Codependency

·       Peer Relationships

·       Stress Management and Self Care

·       Parenting Support

·       Career Counseling

·       Martial Issues

·       Couples Counseling

I earned my Masters of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago Clinical Social Work Program, with a concentration in children and families, and my Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University Bloomington. I adhere to the Code of Ethics created by the National Association of Social Workers.

If you are interested in beginning your counseling journey, please contact me by phone at (404) 658-1222, ext. 3 or by email at