Professional Workshops

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Heartwork offers a number of professional workshops throughout the year to mental health practitioners wishing to deepen their insight, clinical skills, and self-awareness in a supportive climate. Heartwork’s workshops are led by director Linda Weiskoff, LCSW, who brings close to 30 years’ experience, an engaging style, and a wealth of knowledge to participants. Linda is also certified to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A Look at Shame and Forgiveness

Next workshop: This workshop is offered a few times per year; please check back for upcoming dates.

This 6-hour workshop will introduce participants to working with shame and working with forgiveness.

In the morning, Linda Weiskoff, LCSW will lead participants in learning about how our bodies hold shame. Participants will work on:

  • Defining shame and vulnerability
  • The seeds of shame
  • Our bodies and shame
  • The process of moving out of shame

In the afternoon, Dr. Pati Beaudoin will lead participants in learning about forgiveness, including:

  • Psychological benefits of forgiveness
  • Physiological benefits
  • Two conventional methods and how they fail
  • A new, full-body method of forgiveness

The Four Styles of Attachment

Next workshop: This workshop is offered a few times per year; please check back for upcoming dates.

Attachment is often thought of as a fleeting process only relevant during the infancy stage. The truth is, attachment is foundational to human development, and affects mental health throughout the lifespan. This 5 hour workshop, led by Heartwork Clinical Director Linda Weiskoff, LCSW, is designed to help participants develop a broader understanding of the impact that early relationships have on us, the process by which attachment style develops, the role that attachment style plays in the therapeutic relationship, and how insight into attachment can catalyze profound healing within the therapeutic relationship. Participants will enjoy an engaging blend of lecture, small and large group discussion, and experiential exercises.

Over the course of this workshop, participants will learn:

  • What is attachment?
  • What creates secure/ insecure attachments in childhood?
  • What impact do early traumatic experiences have on the developing child?
  • What are the characteristics of the different attachment styles in children/ adults?
  • How is your relationship with yourself, your therapist, and your clients affected by your attachment style?
  • How can you tailor treatment of clients based on their unique attachment style?

CEUs: This workshop has been approved for 5 Core CEUs for LPCs and MSWs.