About LGBTQ Issues



Are you LGBTQ identified and experiencing distress, depression, anxiety, destructive patterns or other emotions that are interfering with your functioning or quality of life?  The therapists at Heartwork Counseling Center are knowledgeable, compassionate and attuned to the complexities of mental health distress in the LGBTQ community.

Depression, anxiety and substance abuse are reported to be higher in Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer and Questioning populations.  This of course does not mean all LGBTQ identified people experience these mental health problems, but homophobia (internalized and societal) contribute to the higher risk for LGBTQ people to experience mental health distress.

Some issues that we can help you address are fear or questions regarding “coming out,” internalized homophobia, harassment, gender transitioning, not having your life partner recognized legally (financial, child custody, or medical decisions), adoption, couples counseling, family of origin problems, and job discrimination. These are some issues that are relevant to LGBTQ people while there are many experiences or situations that are not listed and that may be unique to you.  We believe in supporting individuals, couples and families in the LGBTQ to live the life that you want to and deserve to live, despite the negative messages that society can promote. If you feel that you could use support please contact Heartwork Counseling Center and one of our trained therapists will be happy to speak with you to set up an appointment. You may reach us at 404-658-1222.